Organization Design Consulting

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
-Steve Jobs
Organization Design Consulting

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.Design is how it works."

-Steve Jobs

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Organization Design (OD) includes the design and implementation of the Organization's Structure, governance, roles, competencies and skills that are required to support strategic, business and transformational goals.

Instead of merely addressing the Organisation Structure, Peoplewiz treats it as one element of the comprehensive OD approach that includes alignment between vision, strategy, structure, people, competencies, processes, rewards and culture.

Our OD process is a hybrid of both top-down view that is driven by the business, vision and strategy as well as bottom-up view that is captured through an AI powered platform, Reconfig.

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Do you need
to reshape your Organizational Design?

Evaluating, restructuring or reshaping your Organizational Design can help if you are facing one of the following business challenges:

  • There has been a major change in the external environment ‐ new competitors, new technologies or new regulations
  • You are starting up a new company or division
  • You want to execute aggressive growth plans
  • Your business strategy has changed

What is Organization Design?

Design of an Organization is not an exact science. Our approach is to design and define criteria, extensively research and benchmark, create guiding principles, propose options and facilitate consensus amongst stakeholders.

Organization Design (OD) defines the design and implementation of the Organization's structure, governance, roles, competencies and skills that are required to support strategic, business and transformational goals.

Learning from
STAR Model & Galbraith

PeopleWiz OD consultants adopt the well-established STAR Model by Galbraith as the foundation for diagnosing and designing Organizations. There is no one-size-fits-all organization design.

All designs have merit but not for all companies in all circumstances. The design, or combination of designs, that should be chosen is the one that best meets the criteria derived from the strategy. Some of the Organizational Designs that our OD experts have created and implemented successfully across our clients are

Organizational Design
Research & Benchmark

To gain a broader perspective while designing your own Organization, PeopleWiz Consultants research on successful operating models in your industry and key learning from them. These could be your direct competitors or allied companies with progressive Organizational Design practices that are worth learning from.

Extensive Literature review, secondary research and primary research is conducted to gain insights and use them for creating effective design principles.

Implementing a new
Organizational Design ‐ the real test

Implementing a new Organizational Design ‐ the real test

A successful implementation requires that the new design has been sufficiently developed to suit every function or unit in the Organization. Depending on the need of the Organization this could mean developing

Job Descriptions - This includes job purpose, Key result area, Measure of Performance of KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Span of control, external and internal interfaces.

Job Specifications - This includes a detailed candidate profile including qualification, experience, skills etc.

Change Management and Organization Design

Before introducing a change initiative, it is essential to assess the impact on the overall organizational structure and identify changes in roles and responsibilities. If structural realignment becomes critical due to the process changes, PeopleWiz Change Manager guides how best to organize employee groups around the future state process. A process-based organization design would involve using a role mapping technique to identify the tasks that each role should perform in the desired state. PeopleWiz Change Managers use the desired process flows and role design workshops to:

  • Define all necessary role and responsibility changes.
  • Identify the performance metrics that people can be held accountable to.
  • Pinpoint specific capability gaps and training needs, i.e., additional job skills and knowledge that employees will need to succeed in their new roles.
Guided by conscience
Our recommendations to clients and internal decisions accord to highest level of integrity and are guided by conscience. Any conflict of interest is managed strictly ensuring that the benefit of the client organization is given utmost importance at all times.

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